Sketchy Rumour Claims Apple Will Double RAM in iPhone and iPad in 2015

Taiwanese site EMSOne claims Apple plans to double the RAM in the next-generation iPhone and iPad. The report is based on a leak sourced to financial news site Advanced Financial Network (via AppleToolbox).

Ifixit iphone 5s teardown

The source claims Apple will make the iPhone 6s (or 7) and the iPad Air 3 more appealing by doubling the amount of RAM: Instead of the current 1 GB of RAM, we will likely find 2 GB of RAM under the hood of the iPhone unveiled in 2015. As for the next-gen iPad, Apple will use 4 GB of RAM, the source claims.

Looking back in time, we find that Apple started with 256 MB of RAM with the first-generation iPad, and then doubled it with the iPad 2. It packed 1 GB of RAM into the iPad 3, and doubled it again this year to 2GB of RAM with the iPad Air 2 (the iPad 4 and Air featured 1 GB of RAM).

This kind of questions the rumour, but doesn’t exclude the possibility of more RAM with the new iPhone and iPads. Fact is, the software is optimized for the hardware Apple puts together, but there are cases when more RAM is welcome – there are reports of Safari crashing if too many tabs are open.

Although the majority of users would welcome more RAM, developers I have talked to say the amount we have now is enough for a great user experience.