iPhone Popularity Among U.S. Teens Remains High, Says Piper Sandler

A new survey has revealed that almost 9 out of 10 U.S. teens own an iPhone and have no plans to switch anytime soon.

In its 43rd twice-yearly survey of 7,100 US teens, Piper Sandler spoke to teens from all across the US to gauge a range of factors, revealing the stunning commitment of teens to Apple’s brand.

The “Taking Stock With Teens – Spring 2022” survey found that 87 percent of teens own an iPhone and 87 percent expect an iPhone to be their next phone. Additionally, 72 percent of teens already have AirPods.

Apple Pay ranked as the most popular payment app, likely due to the high penetration of the iPhone among teens surveyed. Venmo ranked in second place, followed by Cash App and PayPal.

The survey says that teens spend 30 percent of their daily video consumption on Netflix and another 30 percent on YouTube, while, as far as the social media platforms are concerned, TikTok is the favourite for teens with 33 percent share and it managed to surpass Snapchat with 31 percent and Instagram with 22 percent of share.

One more interesting thing about this report is that 48 percent of teens are either unsure or not interested in the Metaverse while 28 percent of them have a VR device.

The survey took place in the US between February 16 and March 22, regional responses ranged from 45 percent in the South, 22 percent in the West, 21 percent in the Midwest, and 12 percent in the Northeast. It is also worth noting that 39 percent of the teens hold a part-time job, a small 1 percent increase from last fall and a 6 percent increase from Spring 2021.

Check out the survey’s full results over at Piper Sandler.