iPhone X Models with Qualcomm Modem Still Outpaces Those with Intel Modem

According to new report from Cellular Insights, iPhone X models equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon x16 LTE modem get consistently better cellular speeds than the versions with Intel’s XMM7480 modem.

Cellular Insights used professional equipment to simulate LTE performances in various situations. The testing was based on LTE Band 4 performance, which is used by every major carrier in Canada and the United States.

The tests started with a strong -85dBm LTE signal and gradually reduced the power level to simulate moving away from a cellular tower where signal is weaker. This was done until the modem completely lost connection. The results shows that with limited signal reduction, the iPhone X with an Intel modem started to experience lower LTE download speeds than the iPhone X with the Qualcomm modem.

The report notes that the difference between the two modems is most noticeable in very weak signal conditions. In these instances, the Qualcomm modem experienced 67 percent faster download speeds on average compared to the Intel modem.

Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models with Qualcomm modems also had faster LTE download speeds than their Intel counterparts last year. However, Cellular insights notes that the performance gap is narrower on iPhone X models. This signals an improvement in Intel’s modem, which is finally starting to be a worthy competitor of the industry-leading Qualcomm LTE modem.

If you are looking to distinguish both models, you will have to checkout the model number of the device. All iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus devices using the Qualcomm modem have a model number of A1865, while the Intel counterparts have a model number of A1901.

[via PC Magazine]