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First Look: iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c Drop Test [VIDEO]

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Screen Shot 2013 09 20 at 5 20 23 AM

A new iPhone launch means one thing–the dudes at Android Authority have let us know they are back with another drop test in Hong Kong (other previous drop tests included: iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4; iPhone 5 vs HTC One);

If there’s one conclusion we have drawn from our drop tests over the time is that metal, unsurprisingly, trumps plastic. As much as we hated to admit it a year ago, the iPhone 5, with its aluminum unibody, proved superior to the plastic Galaxy S3, which ended up with a broken screen and a popped battery.

But are all plastic phones that flimsy? Apple gave us the perfect opportunity to test this with the dual release of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, two very similar devices that differ through their build material. The 5s is the same aluminum you probably know already, while the 5c is, in the words of Jony Ive, “beautifully, unapologetically plastic”.

This time it’s the aluminum iPhone 5s versus the polycarbonate-backed iPhone 5c. Find out which phone fares the best (or worst) below:

Did the final results surprise you?

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