$50 iTunes Cards On Sale for 20% Off at Superstore Until August 8 [u]

If you are about to make some large digital purchases from iTunes, the following deal will be perfect for you. Superstore locations nationwide currently have $50 iTunes Cards for 20% off, at $40.

2012 giftcards itunes green 50

By funding your iTunes Account with discount cards, you will essentially save 20% off all your digital purchases from Apple, whether they are from the App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes or the iBookstore.

This sale is not currently advertised (as far as we know) but if you go to the store and ask, they’ll tell you the cards are indeed on sale until August 8 (we verified this). Happy shopping and let us know if you’re going to jump on this!

Thanks Stefan!

Update: Here is the sign advertising the sale in the checkout aisles (via @__srb__):

superstore itunes card sale