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Upcoming ‘iWatch’ Could Potentially Support Wireless Charging

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Apple is poised to debut the highly anticipated ‘iWatch’ at its upcoming September 9 special event along side the iPhone 6, and if the reports turn out to be true, the wearable may also support wireless charging as indicated by a new Apple patent filing that details how such charging would work for a watch and other “handheld portable devices” (via GigaOM).

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The patent describes “coiled inductor wires” with dual purposes. It notes that the coils in a speaker system or NFC antenna could work to manage sound or transfer data, for example, or could be used for wireless charging as needed. There are various wireless charging standards in use today, however, Apple could certainly develop its own standard.

It is interesting to note that Apple’s system can also be used in a near field communications point of sale terminal for handling wireless payments.

“For example, a user of the device may place the device near to a point of sale terminal when it is desired to make a wireless payment using near field communications, may place the device near a door lock when it is desired to obtain access to a building using near field communications, may place the device near a security card reader when it is desired to authenticate to a computer system using near field communications, and may place the device near to a hearing aid when it is desired to communicate with the hearing aid using near field communications.”

Apple states that the new wireless charging circuitry could be used in a wide variety of devices including the iOS devices, the MacBook Pro/Air, iMac or other wearable or miniature devices and even a hearing aid.

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