The Steve Jobs Movie is “Extraordinary Entertainment”, Ex-Apple CEO Says


“I think it will be every bit as successful as The Social Network was about Mark Zuckerberg,” John Sculley said after he had watched a private showing of Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs movie (via the Wall Street Journal).

However, don’t expect to see a complete picture of Steve Jobs, he added. This isn’t that movie, as underscored countless times by Aaron Sorkin, who penned the screenplay. What you’ll see in this movie is only a part of his personality.

“Part of his personality was he was a passionate perfectionist, but there were so many other parts of Steve’s personality that I knew because Steve and I were not only business partners, but we were incredibly close friends for several years,” Sculley says. “I could tell you that the young Steve Jobs that I knew had a great sense of humor. He was on many occasions, when we were together, very warm. He cared a lot about the people he worked with and he was a good person. So, I think those aren’t the aspects that are focused on in this movie.”

Sculley has only kind words about the movie and Jeff Daniels, the actor who portrays him. He says he was “taken” by Daniels’ “effort to understand and portray him”, and says the actor “accurately summarized a lot of the things I felt then, and feel now.”

We know from earlier interviews with Sorkin that he wanted to paint an impressionistic portrait of Jobs, not write a biopic. Sculley corroborates that by saying that while the movie depicts two subsequent encounters between Jobs and Sculley after Jobs left Apple, in reality, there was only one.

He recalls that Apple never stopped selling the Mac after Jobs left. When he (Sculley) left Apple in 1993, the company was successful, and that Macintosh was the “largest-selling hardware personal computer in the world.”