Apple’s MagSafe Duo Unable to Charge iPhone 12 at 15W or Higher

Apple has updated the MagSafe Duo product page, which gives an overview of the still unreleased accessory. On the page, the company has identified how the accessory performs when used with different power adapters.

As reported by Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, Apple states that the MagSafe Duo will charge at up to 11W with a 20W power adapter. Additionally, it appears as though the MagSafe Duo tops out at 14W when connected to a 27W or higher USB-C power adapter.

The MagSafe Duo charger is listed as $169 CAD and is able to charge an iPhone 12 and Apple Watch simultaneously. Though, by Apple’s own account, the MagSafe Duo is less powerful than the solo MagSafe charger, which charges at 15W. While neither charger is available with its own power adapter, the 20W model only costs $24.99 CAD. Alternatively, the 30W power adapter Apple sells costs $59 CAD.

The MagSafe Duo was already positioned as a niche product under Apple’s belt. With confirmation that it will underperform against Apple’s cheaper chargers, potential customers may opt for third-party chargers.