New Microsoft Ad Touts Surface RT ‘Advantages’ Over the iPad [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2013 08 07 at 11 33 17 PM

Microsoft has continued its series of videos touting the benefits of Windows tablets over Apple’s iPad. The latest video is a comparison of the Surface RT versus the iPad, which shows how the Surface RT has a keyboard (not included) and kickstand, comes with Microsoft Office, has a native USB port, is cheaper, plus more.

Check it out below:

Previous ads have also ‘struck out’ the iPad, even going as far as using Siri to mock itself. Although Microsoft continues to push hard in marketing the Surface, last month the company took a $900 million write off on the RT, due to “inventory adjustments,” plus slashed $170 off the 32GB base model to $349 in Canada.

The following commercial below still is one of the best Surface ads, due to its amazing dance routine: