Microsoft Working On A Smartwatch, Will Reportedly Work With iOS and Android


Forbes reports that Microsoft is working on a smartwatch of its own. The rumours of a Microsoft smartwatch began more than one year ago and the latest rumours point to a sensor-packed device. 

The report suggests that Microsoft’s smartwatch will work with Windows Phone, iOS, and Android and will be able to measure health-related statistics, like your heart rate, and send that data to your smartphone. 

Alex Kipman, the father of Microsoft’s Kinect, is reportedly leading the project, bring a device packed with sensors and working on the ability for the Windows operating system to run on small displays. 

The timeline for the watch’s release date is unclear but Microsoft could be gunning for as soon as this summer.

Microsoft declined to comment on the report, however, if they are working on a wearable device there is a good chance that we will see an announcement this year.


Apple is also expected to announce a smartwatch, with reports suggesting a release in the second half of the year. The rumoured health and fitness-focused iWatch will reportedly integrate with iOS 8 through a Healthbook application, which will be used to store and sync your data.

In March, Google announced a wearable device platform for developers called “Android Wear,” which suggests that Google is planning to launch a wearable device of its own, possibly in partnership with LG.