Motorola Jabs Apple About Flash In NYT Advertisement

This week, a new advertisement has been found where Motorola is seen taking a jab at Apple about the lack of flash on the iPhone.

The full page advertisement, found in the New York Times, reads:

“Flash Websites? There’s a phone for that. Introducing the new Droid 2 by Motorola.”

For people not into Apple, the wording of the ad may seem odd. However, for any Apple fans, we all know that the slogan is a play on Apple’s “There’s an app for that” for the App Store.

The advertisement highlights that Adobe’s Flash is available on the Droid 2 (and other Android devices) and is lacking on iDevices. As many users know, Apple has chosen to not support Flash on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

The Motorola advertisement is also not the first ad by Moto taking a hit at Apple. Previous Motorola advertisements that have taken a jab at Apple had to do with the iPhone 4 antenna problems and the free case program.