Negotiations Over Patent Royalties Between Apple and Samsung Continue


In November it was reported that Apple and Samsung would try to meet a court-ordered January 8 deadline, issued by U.S. federal judge Lucy Koh, to find a solution to their patent dispute. Patently Apple reports negotiations between the two companies continued today.

The original Korean report states that:

“Samsung still prefers to sign a comprehensive ‘cross-licensing’ deal, allowing the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer to access all Apple’s design-related, some standard-essential and commercial patents.”

Apple is reportedly telling Samsung to pay over $30 per device for the patent violations. A Samsung official commented saying what Apple is asking for is simply too much.

In April it was reported that Choi Gee-sung, Samsung’s CEO, and Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, met in San Francisco for a 17 hour meeting that failed in reaching any agreements.

Last month a Silicon Valley jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $290 million in damages for copying iPhone and iPad features.