New Twitter Verification System to Launch on Dec. 2, Includes Manual Authentication

New Twitter owner Elon Musk confirms that the revamped Twitter Blue verification system is to launch a week from today. On December 2nd, Twitter will begin manually verifying paid Twitter Blue subscribers. As part of this new system, two new verification checkmark colours will be introduced alongside the standard Blue.

In a tweet, Musk revealed that the new verification process will begin “on Friday next week.” In a brief explanation, Musk reveals that moving forward, companies will be given a gold checkmark. Grey checkmarks will be allotted to government officials. The standard blue verification checkmark will continue to represent individuals. Musk clarifies that the blue checkmark will be given whether they are “celebrity or not.”

Most interestingly are that it appears as though Musk is rolling back his decision to have automatic verification. In the same tweet, Musk notes that “all verified accounts will be manually authenticated before check activates.” Musk himself even admits that it is a “painful, but necessary” procedure.

To no surprise, the initial plan of rolling out Twitter Blue’s $9.99 CAD subscription with the intention of including automatic verification wasn’t viable for the platform. On paper, Twitter Blue’s paid automatic verification was designed for two things: to help get rid of bots and to generate revenue. However, upon its initial rollout, parody accounts and impersonations began flooding the platform. This then caused Musk to indefinitely delay the launch of Twitter’s verification.

In a follow-up tweet, Musk goes on to explain that individuals may receive a secondary tiny logo. This second verification checkmark is said to represent whether they belong to an organization. However, the individual must be verified by that organization in order to receive said “tiny logo.” At the time of writing, it sounds as though this will be different than the “Official” stamp that was quickly killed by Musk.

A longer explanation of the new verification system is expected “next week.”