Ottawa to Spend $6.9 Million to Bring High-Speed Internet to 3,455 Ontario Homes

Through the Universal Broadband Fund’s (UBF) Rapid Response Stream, the Government of Canada has announced over $6.9 million in funding for five projects that will bring high-speed Internet to more than 3,455 households in rural Ontario.

UBF fun 1

“This is excellent news for rural Ontario. High-speed Internet access is an essential service that has only been made more vital due to the pandemic. Our government knows that it is urgent and critical to connect rural and remote regions throughout Canada, including Ontario,” said Member of Parliament Francis Drouin.

The newly announced funds will be allocated as follows:

  • $371,619 for an Algonquin Fiber project benefiting the community of Dwight
  • $683,644 for an Algonquin Fiber project benefiting the communities of Dwight and Lumina
  • $267,781 for a Bell Canada Enterprises project benefiting the community of Athens
  • $3,992,993 for a Lakeland Networks project benefiting the communities of Severn Bridge, Vernon Shores, Melissa, Port Sydney, Golden Beach, Novar, Allensville, Centurion, Utterson, Bracebridge and Ravenscliffe
  • $1,592,854 for a WTC Communications project benefiting communities in the Rideau Lakes area, including Portland, The Bush, Morton, Seeley’s Bay and Delta

The cost works out to $1,997 CAD to connect each home to high speed internet.

Projects funded under the UBF, as well as through other public and private investments, will help connect 98% of Canadians to high-speed Internet by 2026 and achieve the national target of 100% connectivity by 2030.

Rural Canadians can already sign up and use SpaceX’s Starlink internet service by clicking here.