Paybright iPhone 14 Orders Crash Under Heavy Demand

Paybright iPhone crash

Apple’s iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro pre-orders this morning did not go smoothly at all. The first lucky ones got their orders through on time, but as the full onslaught of orders piled in, the online store checkout crashed.

For those using Paybright financing for iPhone 14 models, the firm was once again unable to keep up with heavy demand.

“We are very popular today. Please wait 1 minute before clicking the back button on your browser and trying again with Paybright. Your order is on hold,” read the Paybright message.

This was the same story last year with iPhone 13 pre-orders. When a torrent of pre-orders come through, financing applications grind to a halt.

Were you able to get your Paybright iPhone 14 order through today? Many are stuck on the ‘terms and conditions’ page. Some are still dealing with Apple, which is telling customers to contact Paybright. Another SNAFU iPhone launch due to Affirm.

Overall, this was one of the worst pre-orders in recent memory, with iPhone 14 checkout just loading and freezing endlessly.

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