Pebble Releases ‘Misfit Watchapp’ in Partnership with Makers of Shine

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Pebble has today announced a new partnership with Misfit, the makers of Shine fitness and sleep monitor, who have applied their expertise with user experience and algorithms to the Pebble ecosystem. According to the official blog post, users will be able count steps and track their activity right from their wrists, without requiring a smartphone or Shrine.

“Today we’re delighted to announce that Pebble and Misfit have joined forces to bring state-of-the-art activity tracking to Pebble smartwatches on wrists worldwide. The Misfit watchapp is available today in the Pebble appstore, and lets users count steps and track their activity right from their wrists.”

In addition, Misfit’s latest iOS app will be available in the App Store soon, which will include support for Pebble watches and track additional metrics such as calories burned and distance traveled. 

The company has also said that the new app marks the first milestone in an ongoing partnership and collaboration between Pebble and Misfit that aims to provide intuitive health and fitness tracking for all. You can download the Misfit watchapp from the Pebble app store at this link.