Meta Launches Pledge Planets on Messenger Kids to Teach Internet Safety

Meta has today announced the launch of new interactive in-app activity called Pledge Planets on Messenger Kids, which helps kids learn and practice how to use the internet safely and practice making healthy decisions online.


Meta says it has developed these Pledge Planets activities in close partnership with experts in online safety, child development, and children’s media.

The first episode of Pledge Planets “Be Kind” is rolling out today to all countries where Messenger Kids is available, with new episodes that focus on the other pledges coming soon.

Be kind

In this episode, players are introduced to the owner of a sandwich shop. Through two games, kids will learn and practice how to act with kindness:

  • Rough Reviews: Players must help the owner read through the reviews and match the correct online response to each one. This game teaches kids to recognize kind and unkind behavior and become familiar with tools like blocking and reporting.
  • Order Up: Players build a sandwich order by selecting the emojis that best respond to the customer’s mood. This game teaches kids how to read people’s emotions online.

To launch the Pledge Planets adventure, tap the Explore tab in Messenger Kids and select Pledge Planets.