Pokémon GO Continues to Draw Crowds in Peterborough

According to the Peterborough Examiner, Pokémon GO remains a hit game in the Ontario city, still drawing crowds, one year later after the title’s launch.

Some locations in the city which have become popular virtual gyms include The City Hall Carnegie Wing, Peterborough Armoury, Peterborough Memorial Centre, Peterborough Post Office, Art Gallery of Peterborough and the Mount St. Joseph Statue, to name a few.

Mark Buckley is one of many Pokemon GO players which get together through Facebook or Discord to hunt for rare Pokemon in the city. Buckley is in his mid-50s and said he reached level 40 in less than one year, noting the video game is the first he has extensively played.

He also noted the title has “helped boost the mental health of many who have been isolated or marginalized by society,” reports the Examiner, as he has met many in the game who help support each other.

Other players in Peterborough commented the game has increased their exercise, while others praised the social and teamwork aspect of the game.

Pokemon GO celebrated its one year anniversary on June 8, noting the game had reached 750 million global downloads. Real-world Pokemon GO events are taking place soon, including the Pokemon GO Fest Chicago, happening on July 22.

Take our informal Twitter poll below, asking “Do you still play Pokemon GO?”. Early results show 17% saying ‘YES’ and 83% saying ‘NO’ out of 142 votes.

Niantic CEO John Hanke recently gave an interview about the first year of Pokemon GO, which you can check out here.