Richmond RCMP Shocked By Woman’s Distracted Driving Record, Convicted 12 Times Since 2011

distracted driving

According to a new report from CBC News, a distracted driver who was pulled over after nearly colliding with a Richmond RCMP officer, had an existing total of 12 distracted driving convictions, dating back to 2011. 

On Thursday, media liaison officer Cpl. Dennis Hwang told CBC News:

“I have never encountered anyone with that many convictions for distracted driving, ever.”

There was even a poll conducted around the police station and not a single officer has ever heard of anyone with such a long distracted driving record. In a tweet, Hwang released all 12 of the driver’s convictions since 2011.

Currently, the distracted driving penalty in B.C. is a fine of $167 and a penalty of three demerit points. If a driver incurs more than three points, they will also pay a premium on their car insurance rates.