Microsoft VP Admits the Windows Phone is Effectively Finished

Microsoft is no longer developing new hardware or features for Windows 10 Mobile, the smartphone version of its flagship operating system, effectively killing off its presence in the handset market.

Microsoft operating system group vice president Joe Belfiore revealed on Twitter yesterday that Microsoft is no longer focusing on its mobile platform.

While Windows Phone fans had hoped Microsoft would update the platform with new features, it’s now clear the operating system has been placed into servicing mode, with just bug fixes and security updates for existing users.

The reason behind the decision is simple: there weren’t enough apps. Every mobile operating system that’s failed in the past has struggled to get developers on board in sufficient numbers, and with sufficient commitment, to keep the momentum going.

Of course, this ends any hope for the long-rumored Surface Phone, which would have paired Microsoft’s hardware with its software. Now, Microsoft has turned its mobile attention to iOS and Android entirely.

Belfiore, who previously led the team responsible for “Phone/Tablet/PC versions of Windows,” revealed in August that he uses the Microsoft Edition of Samsung Galaxy S8, and now explained he switched to Android for the better choice of apps and hardware. This appears to be similar to what Bill Gates has done after admitting he’d switched to an Android phone filled with Microsoft software.