Rogers Offering Free 5GB Monthly Data to Select Customers [Update]

Rogers is feeling generous again, it appears. The company has been notifying select customers of a free monthly data offer, giving away 5GB free for 24 months, with no strings attached.

According to the text message seen by iPhone in Canada, Rogers says “we have a surprise for you!”, detailing 5GB of free data has been added to the customer’s account, “every month for 24 months!”.

Rogers says there are no strings attached, no extra charges or action required, as the data bonus is automatically applied.

The iPhone in Canada reader who shared the screenshot says her $80/month EPP Infinite plan now has 25GB of total data in Ontario.

Her $80 $49 plan originally had 15GB of data, then a 5GB bonus was added at the time when she recently signed on. Toss in today’s 5GB data and now the plan has 25GB of total data.

Again, you may want to check your text messages to see if you have any gifts from Rogers. It’s not uncommon for the company to give away 5GB of data, they did so last year as well, but only for select customers.

Correction: the Rogers EPP plan above is actually $49/month after discounts, but regularly priced at $80, we’ve since learned in an update.