Rogers Sees ‘Tremendous’ Demand for iPhone X, Updates Outlook on iPhone 8 Demand

Rogers, one of Canada’s three largest wireless carriers, called the demand for Apple’s iPhone 8 “anemic” after it launched a few weeks ago.

On Friday, Rogers upgraded the smartphone’s status to “good,” while saying interest in the iPhone X was described as “tremendous.” In a statement issued by Rogers’ Executive VP Raj Doshi to Axios, Doshi is ostensibly more upbeat than the bleak picture painted by CEO Joe Natale earlier this month. Doshi said:

“We’re seeing tremendous customer excitement for iPhone X with strong customer pre-orders. We’re also seeing good demand for the iPhone 8. We expect the two together will be very popular with our customers this holiday season with iPhone 8 being a major contributor.”

Natale’s remarks fueled speculation that global iPhone 8 series demand is weak, a notion reiterated by rumours claiming Apple plans to cut production of the handset pair in half. Whether Rogers is witnessing an uptick in iPhone 8 demand is unclear, but Canada’s largest cellular provider is seeing a deluge of customers clamoring for iPhone X.

Reuters reporter Stephen Nellis posted a tweet suggesting that someone may have persuaded Rogers to use a different word:


Earlier today, Apple said iPhone X demand is off the charts, adding that it’s working hard to pump out as many devices as possible for die-hard fans. The company has yet to comment on iPhone 8, but the topic will likely be addressed during Apple’s quarterly earnings call next week.