Rogers to Increase All Internet Packages Above 20Mbps by $8/Month Starting March 12

According to an internal document obtained by MobileSyrup, Rogers is set to increase the cost of its home internet packages.

Starting on March 12, all Rogers customers who have an internet package with speeds above 20Mbps will see their monthly cost increase by $8 per month. If you have a plan that provides you speeds lower than 20Mbps, then you will see a rate increase of $4 per month.

Customers who are a part of Connect for Success and those who pay for internet as a part of building maintenance fees will be unaffected by the change. In addition, if you have a guaranteed monthly promotional rate you will also be protected from the price hike until your promotional period ends.

If you are a part of a bundle or special offer that guarantees a certain price reduction of your monthly rate, then you will still receive your discount on the new increased price.

In the document, Rogers says that the monthly rate increase is due to the company’s ongoing investment to expand its networking infrastructure.

Starting today, Rogers customers will begin receiving a message on their monthly bill notifying them of the change. For all customers that will be impacted by the change, they will notice a rate change on their first invoice after March 12, 2018.