The Roku Channel Canada August 2022 Updates

This month, there is tons of new content to enjoy for Free on The Roku Channel, from true crime to horror to romance. All you need to do, is decide what to watch first.


The Roku streaming platform is available on streaming sticks and also bundled into smart televisions. Streaming apps include the likes of Apple TV+, Netflix, Crave, Disney+ and more, along with Roku TV which offers free streaming channels.

Roku Originals

  • Murder House Flip, Season 1: The sites of grisly murders are renovated and reimagined as Joelle and Mikel remove the stains of the past and bring these homes from morbid to marvelous.
  • Confessions from the Hart: Kevin Hart goes Meta in this Roku Original animation sharing moments from his life. Each episode features true stories from his career, relationships, and journey to where he is today.

More New Titles

  • The 51st State: Samuel Jackson stars as a master chemist who thinks he’s poised to score big on a once in a lifetime drug deal. When he heads to Britain to bring his new designer drug to the European market, things don’t go as planned.
  • Atonement: Keira Knightley and James McAvoy star in this English drama, based on the book by Ian McEwan.
  • Drive: Starring Ryan Gosling as a skilled Hollywood stuntman by day and a criminal getaway driver by night, this mysterious man projects a cold and quiet exterior.
  • Goon: Among his brainy family, friendly but dull Doug Glatt is a misfit – but the Massachusetts bouncer’s knockout punch lands him a job as the enforcer for a minor league hockey team, where he finds all the fulfilment he’s been missing.
  • I Accuse: In a small Canadian town, a single mother visits the hospital for an injury to her hand. While she’s there, she falls victim to Dr. Richard Darian, a violent predator.
  • I’ll Follow You Down: A Toronto professor conducts a risky experiment and disappears, leaving behind a devastated wife and young son.
  • The Lesser Blessed: This Canadian drama based on the novel by Richard van Camp focuses on a young Ticho teenager living in the Northwest Territories.
  • Still Mine: Based on a true story, this romantic drama focuses on a small-town farmer who wants to build a new home for his dementia-stricken wife. When a government bureaucrat stands in his way, the man must fight to protect the woman he loves.
  • Capsule: A British fighter pilot is in command of Britain’s first manned space mission – but when the aircraft malfunctions, he finds himself trapped and alone.
  • eHero: A team of competitive up-and-coming video gamers participate in an epic marathon, putting their skills and relationships to the test.
  • Elvis: Tortured Soul: Being the King of Rock n Roll isn’t as easy as it sounds. Following a brief military service during WWII, Elvis returns to show business with several successful movies.
  • Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: Beloved chef Anthony Bourdain takes fans on a journey through the US and beyond, travelling to different cities and countries to explore the food and culture that makes each place special.
  • Drive Share: In the style of “Taxicab Confessions”, this semi-scripted comedy follows a number of ride share drivers as they pick up and drop off riders, exploring what it looks like to be a part of the ever growing ‘shared economy’.