Saskatoon Nurses Create App for Providing Tips on Infant Care [Update]

The birth of a child brings a tremendous amount of joy and happiness into the family. Yet besides joy, there are also questions: what to expect? What to do if . . .? And there are lots of ifs each day, and parents need an answer, and they need it fast.


NuuNest, an iOS application dreamed up by two Saskatoon registered nurses, Cindy Leclerc and Jana Stockham, and materialized with the help of a local company, College Mobile, are attempting to fill that gap.

The app aims to be that reliable source of information each parent of a newborn needs. Although there is Google, which we used when we had questions regarding our children (I am the father of two), we turned to books, mainly because these old-fashioned information sources seemed have the “reliable” stamp on them.

Anyways, you don’t always have your books around you, so going digital is exactly what a modern parent needs. And NuuNest is here to help you with advice regarding newborns from a reliable source: the aforementioned registered nurses.

“For instance, on the first day of life, (the tip is) that baby may be sleepy, but to try to have baby skin-to-skin and try to wake baby gently for feeds.”

“Parents don’t know what information to trust, they Google it and they’re not sure if they have the correct information. So, we’ve made an attempt to give them information with links to trusted sources,” Leclerc said.

As a parent, I welcome the idea of tracking diapers and breast feeding, as sometimes it can be useful. The child however, will let their parents know each time they are hungry, so it is up to the parent how they use the app.

What I consider to be more useful is the information it provides about the baby — what to expect and the helpful advice it provides. The rest comes from within.

Download NuuNest $4.99 [App Store Link]

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