SaskTel Announces 4G LTE Roaming in the U.S. in Partnership with AT&T

In a blog post today, SaskTel announced that it has signed a deal with AT&T to enable 4G LTE roaming for its customers traveling to the United States. In a statement, SaskTel President and CEO Ron Styles said:

“This roaming agreement with AT&T will enable SaskTel customers to enjoy 4G LTE wireless speeds while traveling in the U.S. SaskTel is committed to delivering superior international coverage to our customers and the resulting faster mobile data speeds will provide improved performance to our customers roaming across the U.S.”

Existing customers can opt-in to the new Roam & Relax U.S. Daily rates by texting “Join” to 400400. The roaming plan includes 300MB of data for $5 per day and unlimited voice calling for $3 per day. Customers can also purchase add-ons for their roaming plan to add additional minutes, text messages, or data.

Please be sure to check the AT&T’s coverage in the area you are traveling to in order to ensure that you will be able to take full advantage of this plan. In order to view AT&T’s coverage map in the United States, please visit the following link: