You Can Now Share Your Favourite Netflix Title Directly to Instagram Stories

In an effort to better insert its brand into social media conversations, Netflix is today introducing a new feature that lets users share their favourite movies and shows to their Instagram Story directly from their phones, TechCrunch is reporting.

Netflix instagram story 1

Starting with iOS, Netflix is offering users the ability to share their favourite titles straight from the Netflix mobile app. The new sharing feature is now a part of the Netflix app itself. As shown in the following screenshot, once you tap “share,” a screen appears with various options, including the newly added “Instagram Stories”.

Netflix instagram story 3

The Story can also be customized with other options, such as a user poll. Instagram users who have the Netflix app installed on their iPhone or iPad will now be shown a “watch on Netflix” link in the Story that takes them to the show’s or movie’s page in the Netflix app when tapped.

The new Instagram Stories integration is rolling out today on iOS to Netflix users globally whereas Android users will get the feature at a later date.