Sonos to Launch AirPlay 2 Support in July

Sonos held a media event today in San Francisco, which just ended. The company announced it will soon support Apple’s AirPlay 2 for its newer speakers, starting in July.

Sonos event

AirPlay 2 will be supported on Sonos One, Play 5 (second generation) and Playbase and future products. Other AirPlay 2 speakers such as Apple’s HomePod will also be able to be paired as well. For those with an Alexa-powered speaker like Sonos One, the Amazon assistant will be able to control your music and also tell you what’s playing.

Sonos room setups will also be supported by AirPlay 2, so your newer Sonos speakers will support older speakers with the Apple protocol. The company previously confirmed any speakers actively grouped will work with an AirPlay 2-compatible speaker, such as the Sonos One. With this new upcoming support for AirPlay 2, it also means Siri will be able to start an Apple Music track on your Sonos speakers.

A future software update next month will bring AirPlay 2 to supported Sonos speakers. Apple launched AirPlay 2 back with the release of iOS 11.4 in late May. Sonos still plans to launch support for Google Assistant at some time in the near future for its speakers such as the Sonos One.