Sonos to Pack More Punch With The Sonos SUB


Sonos users rejoice!  You’re about to get a whole lot more bass in your life.

Last month I reviewed the Sonos PLAY:3 system, and the one gripe I had was that the bass could have been a little bit more lively.

Yesterday, Sonos introduced the Sonos SUB, a subwoofer that connects wirelessly to your PLAY:3 (or PLAY:5) system.

The spectacular design is a stark departure from the minimalist design of the PLAY speakers, as it is apparent Sonos attempts to make the SUB the focal point of their popular wireless music system.

Just like the Sonos PLAY:3, the subwoofer connects directly through Sonos’ proprietary system, and will allow users to control their music through the free Sonos controller App, available for Android, iOS device, Mac or PC.

The Sonos SUB builds on the unique design of the PLAY speakers, as users will get multiple display and stand options.  Users already enjoying the Sonos system will now be able to use their original speakers as channels, and the bass will automatically be sent to the SUB to create a more vibrant surround sound experience.

According to Sonos:

Features of the Sonos SUB include:

· Two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face: All the sound and energy from the music comes through loud and clear, and none of it is lost in cabinet buzz or rattle.

· All digital sound: All filter settings, active equalization and time alignment are done digitally through state-of-the-art DSP (Digital Signal Processing) circuitry for zero-loss audio quality and energy.

· Dual acoustic ports: Tuned to maximize the acoustic volume of the SUB and enhance bass resonance.

Available at all Sonos dealers in mid-June, the Sonos SUB will initially be available in a glossy black lacquer finish for $749 Canadian.  If you’re more inclined for the black matte finish, Sonos will release the SUB in October for a hundred bucks less, priced at $649.