Spotify Adds Lyric Song Search Feature Two Years After Apple Music

Spotify has been updated with the ability to find songs by lyrics on iOS and Android.

On Monday, Spotify announced a new feature that lets iOS and Android users hunt for songs by searching for lyrics. This ability has long been built into Apple Music’s feature set. However, now it is available for those using the leading streaming music service by subscribers.

Using the new search by lyrics feature couldn’t be any easier. In the regular search box on the Spotify app, just type the lyric you’re looking for and the song(s) it comes from should pop up in the search results.

As you can see from the screenshot above, songs that include the lyrics you input will have a “lyrics match” label — they show up along side other potential results, so keep an eye out for that label if you’re specifically searching with lyrics.

Spotify is also launching a new set of top music charts today, with a bit of a weird twist. A new @spotifycharts Twitter account includes a look at the top albums of the week, tracked from Friday through Thursday. There’s a US-centric top albums chart as well as a global view, and they’ll be released every Monday. In addition to the weekly album round-up, the Spotify Charts account is also sharing the top 50 songs of the week streamed in the US and globally, as well.

The news comes less than a week after Spotify updated its Collaborative Playlists feature to make it easier to add friends and family members while also introducing user avatars in the playlist header and alongside each song of episode.