Supposed AirPods 3 Images Leak, Showing Refined Design and Smaller Case

A small series of photos have leaked, showing what is claimed to be the expected AirPods 3 design and charging case. It’s been widely reported that Apple plans to reveal and release the new device in the first half of 2021.

Early reports surrounding the unannounced AirPods 3 began surfacing last year. Apple analyst Ming-Ch Kuo released a research note stating that Apple would be refining the AirPods by taking design elements from the AirPods Pro and adapting them to the base wireless earbuds.

Images were recently leaked from 52Audio showcase what would appear to be the AirPods 3, featuring the AirPod Pro design mentioned months prior. The images show AirPods with shorter stems and silicone ear tips. However, based on previous reports, the device will not feature the noise-cancellation feature so prominently supported in the AirPods Pro. Though, 52Audio does claim that the AirPods 3 will have the pressure-relieving system found in the higher-end earbuds.

Additionally, the images show a smaller, less elongated rectangular case. It does not appear to be a drastic change in design. Though, the new case’s size appears to fall somewhere in the middle between the standard AirPods and AirPods Pro. The LED charging indicator is shown to be on the front of the case.

52Audio‘s images depict the AirPods 3 featuring the touch controls found on the AirPods Pro. Rather than the single and double-tap features found on the base AirPods, users can adjust volume and pause/play functions using the touch controls. Spatial audio has been noted to be a feature in the AirPods 3, as well as feature a five-hour battery life.

Of course, as with any leak, it’s best to hold some skepticism until a formal announcement is made by Apple. Previously reports have indicated that Apple will be releasing the wireless earbuds for $199 USD. Given that it’s expected that Apple will release the product in the first half of 2021, we shouldn’t have to wait too long until an official announcement is made.