Surface Your Past and Upcoming Bills with New Google iOS App


Previously known as Google Search, the updated “Google” apps for iOS and Android have introduced support for surfacing past and upcoming bills. So if a user has a payment due date and amount in his Gmail account, the Google mobile app can now find it (via VentureBeat). The new feature will allow users to quickly check whether they’ve paid their bills or just needs to determine the exact amount they owe.

“In case you weren’t getting your bills sent to your inbox, this is naturally an incentive to sign up for email notifications with your Gmail account, which is of course exactly what Google wants. While today’s feature release is still technically a search function, it has nothing to do with querying the Web — and as we know, Google’s bread and butter is searching the Web and displaying ads.”

Ever since the release of Google Now, the company has been transforming its main app into an all-in-one tool. The new feature however is currently only available on mobile, and Google hasn’t indicated if it plans to roll out the same functionality to or any of its other apps.

Do you find the new feature beneficial or you think it’s just another one of Google’s ‘peaks’ into your personal data?