Target Canada Liquidation Sales Start Thursday, Employees Told “Like Black Friday”

With 133 Target Canada stores set to close due to the American retail giant exiting Canada, liquidation sales are expected to start as soon as this Thursday, according to internal emails obtained by CBC News:

“We expect Thursday sales to double compared to a normal Thursday,” explains a Target Canada email sent to select staff on Jan. 30 about the start of liquidation sales.

“Thursday will be like Black Friday,”

The internal email to staff also requests for “all [cashier] lanes open through the weekend and all hands on deck,” plus “we need to work the trucks and empty them every day.”

The HR manager also explains to staff there will be “hardcore marketing” of the liquidation sale, set to run for 7-8 weeks on average. Prices will be set by “Liquidator Consultants” assigned to locations to finalize store closures.

Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder told CBC News “If the liquidation is approved by the court, Target Canada expects that liquidation would begin within a few days.”

What does this mean for Apple users? As an official reseller of Apple products, chances are you’ll be able to find something on sale in the store, whether it’s on remaining iOS devices or accessories.

If you’re going to hit up a Target on Thursday, let us know what you find on sale (that is if there’s stock on the shelves).