Scammers Target TD Bank Clients with Fraudulent DoorDash Charges

A TD Bank spokesperson has told CTV News Toronto that a number of clients are being targeted by scammers with fraudsters DoorDash charges. DoorDash says it’s working with the bank to reimburse funds taken fraudulently, although at this point it’s not really clear how it happened.


According to TD Bank, a small percentage of TD debit cardholders experienced fraudulent activity incurring unauthorized charges from a single merchant over a time period.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and are actively working with our customers to facilitate reimbursement,” the spokesperson said.

Amy Weirick, who lives in Columbus, Ohio, said she bought her dream home on Pelee Island, just off the southern-most tip of Ontario and needed a Canadian bank account to pay bills in Canada. Weirick said she noticed a DoorDash charge of $154.82 taken from her bank account.

“Obviously I’m not doing DoorDash in Toronto. I’m in Ohio and with the pandemic, I’m not even allowed to go to Toronto,” Weirick said.

So far, the fraudulent DoorDash charges appear to be happening only with TD Bank. So if you are a TD Bank customer, we strongly advise you to check your bank and credit card statements carefully to make sure all the charges are yours.