The Seven Types of iPhone Owners, Which Type Are You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

I came across this very interesting infographic while searching the web and couldn’t help but share it with you all. The infographic is called “The Seven Types of iPhone Owners” and as the name implies, it provides a little portrait of what category we iPhone owners should fall under.

First there are those who call themselves the “fanboys”, the most loyal Apple buyers who would die for the latest, greatest iPhone. Then there are the “over users” who would push their iPhones to the limit. They usually don’t play many games but would rather spend their time on twitter and reading blogs (the category I believe I fall in). Other interesting categories include “hackers”, “senior citizens”, “complainers” and “the unappreciative”.

So if you own an iPhone, you must determine which archetype are you. Take a look and share your category with us in the comments section below!