The Verge Picks Google’s Pixel 2 XL as the Best Smartphone Camera of 2017

Over the past year, smartphone cameras have really improved. For once, we can finally talk about more than just Apple and Samsung when referring to the “top tier” of smartphone camers.

After years of racing to cram more megapixels into the camera, we now have smartphones with dual cameras and software-driving photography. For the comparison The Verge, picked the iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 XL, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the HTC U11, and the LG V30.

The smartphones were all put to the test in different scenes, including low light, daylight, portrait mode, selfies, dual cameras. All the smartphones on the list faired extremely well, but one came on top.

Based on the tests conducted, the Google Pixel 2 XL had the best camera of all five smartphones. The Pixel 2 XL consistently captures the most accurate colours and detail in some of the more challenging lighting environments. The iPhone X has the best telephoto lens out of all the smartphones put to the test, which offers the most versatility.

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