The Most Popular Sports Emoji on Twitter Canada is Not Hockey [PIC]

To celebrate World Emoji Day (seriously, this is a thing?!) coming on July 17th, Twitter Canada has shared the top 10 most used emojis by Canadians on the social network:

Twitter emoji canada

As you can see, we love to use the crying laughter emoji the most, followed by hearts in the eyes. For the most part, Canadians on Twitter use some pretty positive and lighthearted emoji, which is great to see, aside from the crying emoji and sad face.

Twitter also shared the most popular sports emojis used on Twitter by Canadians and it turns out the hockey stick and puck didn’t top the charts—it was the soccer ball, followed by the basketball and football, then baseball:


Now, the hockey stick and puck emoji only hit iOS last September with 9.1 beta, so for people who haven’t updated to the latest version of iOS (there are probably a lot out there), they won’t have access to it. Maybe most people on Twitter in Canada just really love soccer?

The emoji data was based on usage between July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.