Twelve South Debuts ActionSleeve Armband for Apple Watch

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Twelve South ActionSleeve is a new armband for the Apple Watch, that lets your strap it to your upper arm or bicep in a way that it’s fully viewable and controllable. The band’s outer frame adds protection from nicks and dings, and with a tighter, more consistent skin contact, it can even improve heart rate monitoring.


Recessed inside ActionSleeve, the Apple Watch face is protected during even the toughest workouts. Strapped safely on your bicep, it’s is also within easy reach to start your workout and track your progress. Twelve South claims the ActionSleeve can actually improve Apple Watch’s heart rate tracking, as it holds the Apple Watch tightly and securely to your upper arm, delivering more consistent skin contact and more accurate heart rate tracking.


Twelve South ActionSleeve is available in black and red colour options for US $29.99, for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches.