Twelve South AirFly BlueTooth Transmitter Gets Improved Battery, Lower Price

Twelve South has just refreshed its popular AirFly BlueTooth transmitter with an improved battery and a lower price tag. It now sports a 20+ hour battery and a new battery indicator so you know when it’s time to recharge.

12s AirFlyPro AirPodsMax Feature 1 jpg

For those who aren’t familiar, Twelve South AirFly is a wireless transmitter that lets you use AirPods, or any other wireless earbuds and headphones, with older devices that aren’t equipped with Bluetooth.

The AirFly lineup, which includes the new AirFly, the AirFly Duo, and the AirFly Pro, has gone through quite a few different iterations over the years and has now been updated with an all-new offering.

AirFly is the, easiest, most affordable way to listen to in-flight movies with your wireless headphones or earbuds. New Volume controls let you turn sound up or down without touching the seat back screen. You can also mute the sound with two taps.


The new AirFly is now available via the Twelve South website and Amazon for US $34.99.