Twitter Now Enables all iOS and Android Users to Create and Share Spaces Clips

Following a brief testing phase, Twitter is now enabling all iOS and Android users to create and share clips from Spaces.

Moving forward, anyone attending a Twitter Spaces session can make a clip to distribute on the social media platform. This enables more people to listen to certain parts and aspects of a live audio discussion without having to attend or listen to the entire chat. Once created, these clips will be accessible for a 30-day period.

Twitter began testing the use of clipping Twitter Spaces discussions in March. At first, only the host of a Twitter Space was able to create a clip of the audio. However, moving forward, anyone attending a session is able to create and share a clip. However, it is exclusively available to iOS and Android users. Twitter does confirm that the tools will make their way to web users down the line. There’s no word on whether this feature will ever come to iPad or other tablets natively.

Twitter Spaces is slowly but surely becoming a mainstay product from Twitter. As opposed to the shortlived Fleets feature, Twitter Spaces has received a number of significant upgrades. This includes the ability to add a co-host to help moderate the discussion as well as tools to record audio.