Twitter Canada’s Research Finds FONK is Becoming the New FOMO

While the term FOMO (fear of missing out) has become a mainstay on social media in recent years and allows users to express angst around missing the latest trend, event, or commentary, a new research from Twitter Canada has found that FOMO is quickly being replaced by FONK (fear of not knowing).

Fomo fonk

Twitter’s research study, conducted in association with Fuse Insights, shows that only a third of Canadians say they have at least some FOMO. On the other hand, nearly 66% of Canadians say they have at least a bit of FONK, which is twice as many who say they have FOMO. 

It appears that being up to date and well rounded are particularly important for Canadians who are frequent Twitter users. The study also found that brands can help feed Canadians’ need for information and combat the feelings of FONK.

Brands are the top type of account users follow on Twitter and younger Canadians, in particular, appreciate brands taking an active role in helping them discover something new.

Among 15-25-year-olds…

  • 57% appreciate it when brands post helpful information on Twitter
  • 43% think it’s fun to see brand Tweets about an event
  • 65% like seeing brand accounts have two-way conversations

In fact, research shows that a 10% lift in perceptions that a brand is associated with ‘what’s happening’ results in an 8% increase in positive brand perceptions overall.

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