Uber Campaigns in B.C. by Sharing Umbrellas in Vancouver [VIDEO]

Uber’s latest video to drum up public support is in the form of a new video on YouTube, which shares how UberUMBRELLAS were out in full force in Vancouver, the city in “a province without access to ridesharing.”

The video shows Uber staff happily offering strangers on the street temporary shelter with patio umbrellas from the famous Vancouver rain.

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The purpose of the video is to send people to Uber’s petition page, where they can sign up to help bring the service to Vancouver. The petition reads as follows:

People in 61 countries and over 330 cities worldwide have embraced ridesharing, using Uber to complete 1 million trips every single day in cities like Seattle, Portland, Edmonton and Toronto.

But here in British Columbia, we are missing out!

Consumers love Uber because it connects them to a safe, reliable and affordable ride at the tap of a button. Drivers love Uber because it provides higher earnings and greater flexibility. Cities love Uber because it gives residents and visitors a reliable ride when they need one, reduces congestion and decreases impaired driving.

Uber is a new business model, and existing regulations have not kept pace with technology. That’s why Uber wants to work with officials across British Columbia to develop common sense regulations for ridesharing that recognize and support the benefits this new business model brings to riders, drivers and cities alike.

This is your chance to send a message to elected officials across the province that British Columbia should not be left behind.

Currently, the petition has 57,080 signatures as of writing, almost at its goal of 60,000. Users who sign the petition will automatically have a pre-drafted letter sent to their municipal and provincial governments.

Recently, Uber accused Vancouver Councillor Geoff Meggs of “fear mongering”, by stating Uber drivers lack the proper regulations as taxi companies, such as criminal record checks, vehicle safety checks and inspections. Uber Canada general manager Ian Black replied “The comments of the councillor are a probably a little bit misinformed, and may be trying to fear monger.”

B.C. Transportation Minister Todd Stone recently rejected Uber’s request to have the province revise its regulations, stating “the regulatory framework is there”. Stone also says the arrival of Uber is inevitable in the province, but when UberX will actually launch remains to be seen.