Ride-Sharing App Uber Attracts New Drivers in Sarnia, Giving Some Residents Additional Income Source


According to a new report from The Sarnia Journal, ride-sharing service Uber continues to successfully attract new drivers in all parts of Canada. Sarnia’s 28-year old Jeremy Swoboda is a prime example of one of these drivers.

“This is the next step in the driving world. Uber is progressing the taxi industry.”

Being an Uber driver, Swoboda is basically an independent contractor who has to provide his own car, insurance, and gas. Swoboda decided to join Uber last fall when he wanted to augment his family’s income. In a statement, he explained:

“I went on Google to search for how to make extra cash in Ontario. With my shift work, it was difficult to find another job that worked with my schedule and to do them both properly.”

For Swoboda, Uber is a fantastic fit because you can work your own hours. The ride sharing company does take 25% of your fare, however, the driver still makes a pretty good amount of money especially given that most people only drive for Uber part time.

Uber is just as convenient for the driver as it is for the rider. The customer can enter all their information once on their mobile device and they can hail a ride in any city where the company is operating. Riders can track the driver and rate the driver based on his/her performance.