Uber’s Rider Mask Verification Feature Now Available to all Riders in Canada

Uber has today announced that its Rider Mask Verification safety feature is now available to all riders in Canada and the U.S. Starting today, all riders will be required to take selfies with their masks or face covers before they can take their next trip with Uber.


Earlier this year, Uber built technology designed to verify that drivers and delivery people are wearing a mask. Before starting to drive passengers or deliver food, they are asked to take a selfie showing their mouth and nose are covered.

To date, Uber has allocated $50 million to purchase health and safety supplies for drivers. It has purchased nearly 30 million masks and face covers for drivers around the world and distributed them to 1.4 million drivers free of charge.

“We all have a shared responsibility to help keep our communities safe and healthy and we’re working with riders, drivers, delivery people and restaurants to make sure we’re doing our part,” said Matthew Price, Uber Canada’s General Manager. “Mask verification is just another example of how Uber is creating new features that make it easy for users to respect each other’s safety so we can help protect one another.”

In Canada, Uber has distributed more than 1.5 million masks and sanitizers to drivers and delivery people and has made them available to drivers and delivery people for free.