Uber’s Quebec Rival ‘Eva’ Launches in Montreal

After a three-week trial period, Montreal-based ride-sharing app ‘Eva’ has officially launched its services in Montreal (via Montreal Gazette). Eva’s launch as an Uber alternative in the region comes at a time when Quebec’s legacy taxi companies are grappling with unprecedented turmoil as the provincial government is mulling ways of rewriting the bylaws.

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Uber and Eva are currently allowed to operate in Quebec as part of a pilot project authorized by the government. While Eva is currently picking up customers in the greater Montreal area, it is already planning to expand to Quebec City and Gatineau in 2019. 

So far, more than 6,000 people have downloaded the Eva app and created an active account, according to the app’s 23-year-old founder Gaudreault.

Meanwhile, Jean-Christophe de le Rue, a Canadian spokesman for Uber, has said that Eva’s arrival is positive because it will increase the number of transport options available to Montreal-area residents.

“The idea behind Uber is to offer a reliable alternative to the solo ownership of cars,” de le Rue said Monday by telephone. “So any time you add mobility options for Montrealers, it’s good news.”

To meet an expected surge in demand, Eva plans to train 400 additional drivers during the next few weeks — an expansion that Gaudreault insists won’t compromise the vetting process. Under Quebec law, local police are responsible for conducting background checks on every would-be driver for ride-sharing services.

You can learn more about Eva and download the free mobile app at this link.