Uber Threatens to Leave London Over Proposed Bylaw Requiring Cameras in Cars

The ridesharing company Uber has threatened to leave London, Ontario if city council votes in favour of a bylaw that would require cameras in vehicles.

Meanwhile, taxi drivers said that they will withdraw their services if Uber is legalized by city council at the same meeting on February 14. The proposed new vehicle for hire bylaw would require cameras that captured the person in the cab as well as the road as seen by the driver.

Some Uber drivers already have cameras in their vehicle, however, this is purely by choice.

The London bylaw update would also effectively legalize UberX. Uber argues cameras are unnecessary because it already has safety measures in place, including background checks and the fact that users are provided with drivers’ names, photos, license plate numbers and vehicle information.

Uber points out that Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Niagara Region, Waterloo Region, Oakville, Hamilton have all approved ridesharing without any camera requirement.

[via CBC News]