How to Use iOS 14’s Back Tap Feature to Open Google Assistant

Apple has introduced a new accessibility feature in iOS 14 that lets you perform quick actions through taps on the back of your iPhone. Dubbed “Back Tap,” the feature is found in accessibility settings and can be used to instantly pull up Control Center, summon Siri, or even run Shortcuts.

Ios 14 back tap

Be default, users have the option to can define gestures for double tap and triple tap on the back of their iPhone. The list includes App switcher, control center, volume control, screenshot, scroll up or down, and magnifier.

However, a Reddit user has just shared a short video explaining how to use this Back Tap feature in iOS 14 to open any app of your choice, including the Google Assistant.

Check it out below and share your thoughts on the new iOS feature with us in the comments section.

How to open Google Assistant (or any app) with iOS 14 Back Tap feature.