WatchAware’s WatchApps Page Lets You Try Out Apps for Apple Watch

WatchAware, a new website from the AppAdvice team that focuses on providing Apple Watch media coverage, has created interactive previews of upcoming Apple Watch apps on a new page called WatchApps, which allows visitors to see how recently announced apps will look and run on an Apple Watch (via TechCrunch). “It’s really cool, and we’re really proud of it”, note the developers of WatchAware.

Apple watch gif

Currently, WatchApps features demos for 27 upcoming Apple Watch apps, including Run 5K, Facebook, Twitter, Maps, Todoist, Deliveries and more. For each app preview, users can see either the app, a glance or a notification, or a combination of the views listed if a developer has chosen to provide more than one. The previews also offer limited interactivity, showing some aspects of the Watch App’s functionality as a brief video demo.

“It was hard to start a new site from scratch since we have a strong user base at AppAdvice,” according to Mahmoud Hafez, AppAdvice founder. “When the iPad launched we never considered making an iPad specific site, because the apps were so similar –  we saw it as more of a convenience form factor. With Apple Watch we see a true paradigm shift. We’re going to have radically different experiences and apps than we have on the phone. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about if this device deserves to exist and how it will change computing.”

So what are you waiting for? Head over to WatchApps page and toy around with your favourite Apple Watch apps.