Data Shows Canadian Waze Users in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, and Montreal Driving More

More and more Waze users have been hitting the Canadian streets over the past couple months.

New data from the Google-owned GPS navigation software app shows that Canadian Waze users in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, and Montreal are driving more than compared with the past few months.

The data shows Waze drivership decreased from March 1 until late March/early April compared to the February average, but numbers have been rising since that period.

As of May 24, Canadian Waze users are driving 41 percent fewer kilometers than the February daily average, marking an increase from a low point on April 5, when users drove 71 percent fewer kilometres than that average.

As traffic has dropped significantly in March as travel restrictions were imposed and businesses closed, Waze drivership has increased from the lowest points of spring as provinces begin to ease restrictions.

Here’s the data city-by-city:

Calgary: -40% below February average daily kilometres driven on May 24 / low of -70% below February daily average on March 29

Toronto: -49% May 24 / -72%  April 5

Ottawa: -50% May 24 / -75% March 29

Montreal:  -43% May 24 / -77% April 12