Waze Snow Warning Feature Helping Canadians Avoid Unplowed Roads

According to the latest data from Waze, Canadian drivers are taking full advantage of the app’s Snow Warning feature introduced last year, as reports of unplowed roads are increasing in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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For those who aren’t familiar, drivers can take advantage of a handy unplowed road alert feature in Waze. It keeps users informed when they are approaching a road that has been identified by other drivers as unplowed, and are also able to report, in real-time, when a road has not been plowed.

“The trips Canadians make this winter will be to pick up essentials as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Mike Wilson, Waze Canada.

“We want to make sure these trips are as smooth as possible so people can focus on navigating safely to their destinations. Knowing which roads have been plowed — and flagging unplowed roads for others — can help drivers avoid difficult driving conditions and provide some extra peace of mind.”

The Snow Warning feature is one way drivers can help each other navigate city streets safely by sharing what they observe on the road.